A lead logistics provider (LLP), also referred to as a 4th-party logistics provider (4PL), oversees organization, execution and optimization of every aspect of your supply chain in any part of the world and serves as a liaison between all third-party logistics providers.

Fioravanti is able to provide global support and professional expertise for a wide range of functions, including customs operations, warehousing, shipping, order management, supply chain network developments and any other complex supply chain & logistics operations.

An exclusive representative that allows Clients to focus on their core business by outsourcing quality logistics execution management and the related complexities.

As a lead logistics provider, Fioravanti oversees and supports your company in the following key activities:

• consultancy & advice
• supplier coordination
• shipping routes & rates optimization
• complete IT integration with various supply chain parties
• inbound & outbound logistics sync-up
• development, management and analysis of new & existing networks

3PL vs 4PL

A 3PL (3rd party logistics) provider offers logistics services that coordinate Client’s supply chain either in part or in full and include the following:

• warehouse stock management
• picking & packing
• transport
• shipping & distribution
• customs operations
• contract logistics
• IT solutions
• cross docking

A 4PL (4th party logistics) provider takes 3PL services to a higher level by managing resources, technologies, consultancy, infrastructure and even other 3PL providers, aiming to act as the sole representative for the international supply chain of the Client.
Typical services might include:

• logistics strategy development
• truckers & forwarders KPI analysis
• network research & development
• consultancy
• operations planning
• project management
• centralised data & operations control tower
• inbound & outbound logistics management
• reverse logistics management

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