Supply Chain Management and Logistics Process Improvement together with the related Cost & Time Reduction Practices have become essential for companies seeking to operate successfully and efficiently on a global market.
From planning an appropriate logistics model for your business to optimizing existing process structures, we make available our full range of integrated services for supply chain solutions tailored to your every need and preference.

We offer the following services for efficient supply chain planning and management:

Customs Warehousing (Bonded Warehouse)

Customs warehousing allows the importer to hold non-EU originating goods on the territory of the European Union and choose when to pay the duties or re-export the goods. Various product manipulation activities are allowed to be performed on the inside of a customs warehouse, such as picking, assembly, packaging, freight consolidation and deconsolidation, as well as consignment stock handling.
Duties and taxes are payable upon product withdrawal from the bonded warehouse but could be avoided altogether in case of a direct sale to a non-EU client.

VAT Warehousing

A VAT tax warehouse is an authorised place where already imported goods are produced, processed, held, received or dispatched under duty suspension arrangements by an authorised warehouse keeper. Such warehousing arrangements allow for simplification of VAT fulfillment procedures and reduction of financial exposure by importing goods without subjecting them to an immediate VAT payment.

Fiscal Representation

Fiscal representation is a service in which a local company represents a non-EU or EU business that wants to import or distribute their products in the European Union without the obligation of registering a branch office locally. Combining Fiscal Representation with Bonded & Tax warehousing services as well as international shipping and distribution services, a highly efficient international logistics model becomes possible for your Company.

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution services are at the heart of supply chain management. Modern supply chain solutions require a seamless integration of operations and IT, among various other services, such as:

  • logistica inbound - dai fornitori esteri al magazzino, gestione degli ordini, compliance doganale e documentale
  • logistica outbound - dal magazzino ai Clienti, pianificazione delle spedizioni e trasporti
  • inbound logistics
  • outbound logistics
  • selection of strategic transshipment points
  • national and bonded warehousing
  • goods receival and checkups
  • picking & packing
  • order preparation
  • documents issuing
  • Complete integration with your POS system, ecommerce platform, or order management software and even with those of your Suppliers.


When it comes to supporting our Clients in a fast-growing industry like e-commerce, Fioravanti is here to offer you a full range of services and solutions tailored to any need. Our solutions include complete integration with customs & warehousing, e-commerce platform, order fulfillment software and most importantly the lowest shipping rates with major courier companies for your “last mile” deliveries.