Fioravanti SRL is a family-run customs brokerage and freight forwarding firm, based in Milan, Italy with several branches on the Italian territory.

Fioravanti was founded in 1936 by its forefather Attilio Fioravanti as a specialised customs agency and thanks to the second generation led by Claudio Fioravanti, started expanding in the 1970’s by acquiring shares of various freight forwarding companies. In the 1990’s with the third generation wave, the Company modernized itself by establishing its own logistic activities, striving to provide complete logistic solutions for air, sea and road freight, as well as to assist in customs formalities, strategic coordination and planning of production processes for its Client Companies. New offices in Genoa, Trieste and Fernetti sprung up, while the existing offices in Voghera and Milan had expanded considerably.

Year 2011 sees the development and set-up of an important industry – Distribution Logistics. Fioravanti – your go-to partner for innovative value-added logistics services and integrated supply chain solutions in any part of the world.


Nurturing Your competitive advantage through logistics and supply chain optimization.

The ever-changing global markets call for prompt, reliable and flexible logistic solutions.

Fioravanti is committed to continuous up-to-date analysis of market developments with a primary scope of broadening our Clients’ opportunities and offering customized solutions that are both easily implemented and practical.

With a wide range of integrated services and optimization practices on hand, Fioravanti is dedicated to developing the best available solutions for any specific needs of your Company.

We strongly believe in upholding our corporate values in day-to-day activities both in and out. Our fundamental values are:
Precision, honesty and respect are the base pillars of our business.

The excellency in service is achievable only through constant inquiry and consistent improvement.

Continuous effort in achieving our goals and setting new ones for our business advancement

Collaboration and Partnership
Successful teamwork and collaborative knowledge sharing are the cornerstones of our corporate culture.


Our values are recognised and upheld through two important certifications:

AEO - Authorized Economic Operator
Starting from year 2011, Fioravanti became AEO certified (AEOF 110397) and has maintained the certification ever since. The AEO status recognizes the company’s role within an international supply chain as secure, efficient and compliant with customs controls and procedures, and allows for preferential treatment in customs authorizations, security clearance and documentary checks.

Certification of Corporate Administrative Responsibility (Italian Legislative Decree D. Lgs. 231/01)
This title certifies that Fioravanti implemented fraud-proof organisational model aimed at financial transparency and crime prevention.

Certification SMETA 4-PILLARS
It’s a certification conferred by Sedex, a non-profit association dedicated to improvement through the application of responsible and ethical best practices in global supply chains. The certified protocols are:
- Labour standards
- Health and Safety standards
- Environmental assessment
- Corporate ethics


Optimization and cybersecurity are some of the biggest challenges for modern Information Systems. A modern and technically up-to-date IT System is a must for any logistics company seeking to optimize and safeguard complex logistic business processes, all while ensuring process efficiency and data transparency. Fioravanti’s IT system has been developed by our own professional team in partnership with external agencies.

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