When shipments consist of cargo massive in size, heavy and awkward to transport, only highly skilled personnel can handle such projects, employing high level of precision and control. Fioravanti offers a vast array of project freight services, incorporating integrated logistics, forwarding and management services for all types of turnkey projects and various industries on a global scale.
Among these are constructions companies, oil & gas companies, power and energy providers, manufacturers of yachts, industrial machinery and heavy equipment.
The Fioravanti worldwide specialized network allows us to plan, control and oversee challenging heavy projects from concept development to final delivery, providing door-to-door logistics for a comprehensive transport chain.
The service also includes:

  • feasibility studies
  • engineering plans for lifts, lashing and securing
  • loss prevention

Assicurazione merci
Forte della stretta collaborazione con società assicurative leader del settore, Fioravanti provvede all’assicurazione della merce, riducendo spesso i premi pagati dai Clienti e i costi di gestione di eventuali danni. Assicurando con Fioravanti i Clienti aumentano la propria efficienza, devolvendo ad un unico fornitore più obblighi relativi al trasporto.