Fioravanti developed specific expertise and continues to expand operational experience in international vessel & yacht shipping.
Keeping in mind the Client’s demand for a detail and precision oriented service, Fioravanti oversees every single phase of the shipping process.

Should a containership, charter, heavy lift or a semi-submersible transport be requested, Fioravanti caters to your every need.
The integration of a myriad of logistics services such as project freight, maritime, air and customs services guarantees an innovative and wholesome solution for this specific industry.
Ensuring maximum security of the most crucial shipping stage - loading and unloading operations, Fioravanti proudly collaborates with a marine engineering office in charge of lifting projects and supervision on site.

Our service tailored to your needs provides a piece-of-mind solution for your valuable cargo and as such, includes a complete yacht cradle and tarpaulin supply as well as direct assistance from the experienced agents in our global seaport network.
A full range of airfreight services completes the picture by providing those urgent last-minute spare part deliveries.

Assicurazione merci
Forte della stretta collaborazione con società assicurative leader del settore, Fioravanti provvede all’assicurazione della merce, riducendo spesso i premi pagati dai Clienti e i costi di gestione di eventuali danni. Assicurando con Fioravanti i Clienti aumentano la propria efficienza, devolvendo ad un unico fornitore più obblighi relativi al trasporto.